The following rules must be adhered to.  If you fail to follow the rules, you will be given 3 warnings.  Once those warnings have been exhausted, you will be banned from the site.  Follow the rules or pay the price!
It will result in automatic ban.  Keep the videos related to the website categories!
1.  Your video must contain a single topic/point.  Do NOT include multiple topics/points in a single video.
Example:  If you want to prove water is level.  The video must contain only your specific proof of how water is level.
2. Your video must NOT include any long intros. This is about proof, not promoting yourself.
Example:  User intros should be no longer than 20-30 seconds.
3. Do NOT upload full length documentaries. Try to keep it short, simple and to the topic/point. You may link from.
Example:  Full length documentaries can be linked from youtube, vimeo, etc. Do NOT upload!
4. Do NOT upload videos ranting and rambling. Again this is about proof, not venting.
Example:  We don’t want any drama here.  This is about truth and facts!
5. Do NOT upload advertisements or self promotion videos. This site is not about you.
Example:  This isn’t a shopping network or a monetary service.  Do NOT upload!
6. Your videos must be respectful and polite. Do NOT give an attitude or be ignorant.
Example:  Again we do NOT want any drama! Just facts and evidence!
7. Your video must be absolute fact. Not assumptions or theories.
Example:  Again your video must have facts and evidence not based on assumptions or theories!
8. If you have an idea about something.  The title of the video should represent and be placed as such.
Example:  Generally speaking; “Suggestion on the stars”, “Idea about the planets”, “Facts about water”, etc.
Example:  All videos should be placed in their respective categories.
9. All videos must have the following where applicable:  Location, Direction facing and Time.
Example:  We don’t want to be looking at say the sun or moon and having to figure out this information.
Please try to make your video of the highest quality possible while maintaining the smallest file size.
The maximum video file size is 256MB.  If it is larger than that, please upload elsewhere and link from.
The main goal is to put all the data in short form with quick impact.  It will also not be censored in any way and be a “safe haven” for data.
Thank you very much!