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The Realm of Earth & Humanity's True Existence


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12km max light travel claim
In the other light thread you stated the max distance light travels is 12km or less than 7.5 miles.  How did you come to conclusion when a flashlight can be easily seen for 3+ miles?
He has no idea!  In his book I think he meant 12k miles but if you look at the sun topic he has a mile long post saying light only travels 4k miles and that is half the distance of the earth.  I can't wait for him to login and post up his new set of lies to explain his first two lies.

By his logic not one star could be over 4k miles away.  The ridiculous just keeps getting more ridiculous.   But hey we just don't comprehend anything he writes and foolishly twist his words.
Doubter,  well that makes more sense with 12km being 12,000 miles but explains even less with sunlight only traveling 4000 miles.

Somehow star light travels further from sunlight and sunlight travels in some weird pattern to match SE predictions perfectly and some undefined FE map no one has seen or agrees to other than without a doubt he knows it is flat.

Pretty much sums up how ridiculous every FE belief is.

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