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The Realm of Earth & Humanity's True Existence


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Stars disappear after midnight
The stars have never disappeared until sunrise washes them out.  Are you just making things up to see how stupid and gullible the readers are?
Who said anything about disappearing after midnight? Can people understand what they read without putting their own delusions in it?

Unfortunately there are no hard core facts which can prove this aspect. Only shitty ass videos which were sent up for other purposes.

If we are to believe Professor Dollard, even the sun disappears after a certain height. Just like I said the stars disappear after a certain height. This is why it appears that Earth is a circle because all you can see is the light that is cast upon the Earth. Light ALWAYS radiates in a spherical manner unless something prevents it from doing so.

The ONLY time they get washed out is when the sun is interacting with the atmosphere(daylight). The stars are ALWAYS there. Sometimes you can even see them during the day under the right conditions.
Page 25 of your book.  We won't even mention that after 12 up the stars disappear, leaving a black void.  It doesn't matter what footage you look at. 

Isn't that midnight?
Not even close. The black void of "space". What they claim "space" is. Understand?
Then why did you write no stars after 12 then?

The black void between stars?
It was a figurative statement based on 12km. I thought it was self explanatory, guess not?

All I can get to tonight, I'll try to get to your others as soon as I can. Been helping my daughter a lot with school. She is getting A's and B's now, woo hoo! Just like I do to everyone, I don't give answers directly. I say things to make you think so you have a chance to figure it out on your own. Only when one figures something out on their own, do they truly understand it. Me giving you the answers directly doesn't help you to understand it. Sometimes that takes trying to explain it in a way that isn't typically common.
So you have a typo in your book leaving out the KM and expect us to know that is what you meant?

If you leave out key words in the English language it is not .. understand... saying.

See what I mean?

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