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The Realm of Earth & Humanity's True Existence


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Geocentric (Ptolemaic) System Model
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Geocentric Cosmos

   In 150 A.D., Claudius Ptolemy applied a geometric model to the heavens.  Spheres and perfect circles formed the basis of his hypothesis of the planetary movements in a geocentric cosmology.  In the center of the cosmos is the Earth, in a state of rest, inclusive of both man and god.  Out from the divine center, the Moon rotates in a perfect circle around the Earth.  Next out is Mercury, which rotates in an epicycle, a circular rotation whose center forms the circumference that in turn circles the earth. Venus is next out, also with its own circular orbit that circles the Earth.  Then comes the Sun, with a simple rotation around the earth.  Mars, Jupiter and Saturn follow.  The finite universe is bounded by the Stars, fixed in stationary positions.  As with the center of the cosmos, spirit emanates throughout the entire universe, within all the celestial bodies.  The driving force of each planet's rotation through the cosmos is, in fact, it's soul.

   Based on the principles of geometry, the Ptolemaic theory is a complex model. But it works, more or less.  The appearances are accounted for, and the essences are given meaning.  All of the cosmos, god and man, has it's place.

"Temp Data"

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