About us here in The Realm of Earth
Since the beginning of time, we as Human Beings have questioned the very shape of our Earth.  No one has ever truly proved anything about it without using assumptions.  Only those with the most persuasive argument “win” and that model is then accepted.  A true model won’t have any discrepancies in it.
This website is constructed to find out the true nature of Earth. There are, unequivocally, too many inconsistencies which brings us to this debate. Let all evidence be presented as facts which can be proven and not subjected to hypothetical or theoretical assumptions. We have the technology, the minds and the will to find the truth but those we have put our trust in have failed to give us the truth. Therefore we must find it on our own!
All of us here in The Realm of Earth are about pure truth and facts.  If isn’t either, we don’t bother with it.  After all, what’s the point?  We come from all parts of the world from different backgrounds with different skills.  Let us put them to use in the best way possible.  We have lots of ideas, suggestions and proofs about various aspects of our existence.
Jump in and discover a whole new Earth!